Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Iowa Trip 2012

Road Trip to Iowa

 Gavin traveled in a different car but I included his picture since he is so precious. :)
 Taking a break at the gas station! Joshua offered to drive multiple times. He's so helpful like that!
 Fall leaves! We were looking forward to the drive north to see trees changing colors.
 We made it! And with smiles on our faces. :) Jenni and Joshua chatted for the 15+ hour drive. Jackson was terrific sleeping, nursing every couple hours, and spending a few hours awake listening to his silly brother and sister. :)

Grandma Mary's House
 Gavin and I reunited!

Precious babe!
Grandma Mary's four great grandchildren
Jenni (5) Joshua (2 1/2) Gavin (1) Jackson (5 wk)
 Grandma Mary with all the great-littles

 Grandma and Gavin Michael!
 Lots of hide-and-go-seek!

Dan and Kate's Wedding
 Jackson started to cry softly when he was ready to nurse. Joshua covered his ears since it makes him so sad to hear his brother upset and not be able to help him. Sweet brothers.
 Jenni and Cousin Zachary playing before the wedding

 Me and G

On the pretty drive to the wedding!
 Sweet Jackson's milk smile :)
 Sweet littles before the reception
 Kate surprised Dan with the University of Iowa marching band at the reception.
 Very cool for a big Iowa football fan

 Sweet cousins dancing :)
 Cousin Janae and Joshua dancing
Cousin Michelle and Jackson
Me and sweet little Gavin

We had such a wonderful time at Dan and Kate's beautiful wedding and fun reception!

Grandma Mary's House

 Playdough fun. Jenni worked on creating trees and flowers. Joshua worked on creating a mean snake. :)

 Taking a fall stroll through the neighborhood.


 Cousin Sam and Joshua
 Uncle Bill and Joshua

Excited to go back to our favorite ice cream and candy shop with Grandma!

Joshua's sad face leaving Grandma Mary. He doesn't like goodbyes.

Road Trip Back Home
 Sweet, happy babes
 Sweet, sleeping babe

 Arriving at the hotel :)

 We made a stop in Norman for some Hideaway pizza. :)

And back home. Don't J1 and J2 look the same while sleeping?

We made a trip up north to visit family and celebrate the marriage of my cousin, Dan and his beautiful wife, Kate. We had a wonderful time seeing and catching up with our growing extended family!

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