Monday, October 1, 2012

Jackson James - 1 Month

 Our littlest man turned one month old today! Sweet Jackson James has stolen our hearts! Baby Bear is awake and alert much more of the day. He enjoys lifting his head and looking around when we are holding him close. Jackson has the cutest little sneezes and sneezes in two's and three's. The three littles enjoy laying in bed all together with Jackson in the middle and he will turn his head from side to side to look at each of his siblings. Jackson likes to be snuggled and turns on his side while he is sleeping. He sleeps like a babe and nurses every two hours. He makes baby noises throughout the night in his cradle, but if we lay him in bed next to us he is silent. My little snuggle bear! The craziness of having a big brother and big sister doesn't seem to phase him, so thankfully he sleeps through pretty much everything. We sure do love our babe!

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