Friday, November 30, 2012

A Noteworthy November


We hosted Thanksgiving this year and had a delightful time doing so! My parents and sister, bro-in-law and sweet tot Gavin joined in the festivities!

Sweet Snapshots
 Blue eyed baby boy

 Walking to the park
 Watching the CMAs and singing to Brad Paisley :)
 Baby love!

Joshua gets so excited when he is the closest person to Jackson because he gets to be the first person to "help" him. Whenever Jackson makes noises Joshua either thinks Jackson needs help (pacifier, hug, kiss or blanket) or he thinks Jackson is making a silly baby noise and will laugh. :)
 Sweet boy is growing up. I ask him if he will stay two forever. He says yes. :)
Kissable cheeks!
 Evening bike ride!
 Precious babe!
 Jackson is enjoying the play mat. Thanks for sharing, Gav!
 My sweet girl took a picture of me and our babe on our evening walk.

 I love this boy and his eyelashes.
 Jenni's drawing of her Girl Scouts troop :)

 He's so yummy I could eat him up.
So much love!

 It's the sweetest thing to see Jenni and Joshua playing soccer together during the day and then it's sweetness overload when Eric plays with them at night.

 My handsome little man and his precious hair cut.
E talking to J3

We had just swaddled Jackson and thought, "Hey, let's try to swaddle Joshie." Joshua thought it was hilarious. And then un-swaddled himself...because he's not a baby.

 Jackson was determined to not let me get ready one morning. So this was my solution. I was able to get ready and baby bear was able to be close. :)

 Jenni mailing Grandma a letter. She had it stamped and  then last minute decided she had to add many hearts and roses to the back. :)
 What I found one night when I went to check on Joshua :)

 He made it up the stairs but couldn't quite make it to bed :)

 Sweet Sul working on the lights

 Beautiful girl


 Listening to Jenni's story :)
 Hugging his puppy :)
 What Jackson does during school time. Sits in my lap and blows bubbles. :)
Reason #129 I love Jenni - because she wears her headbands like this :)

Swinging at the playground...
Joshua: "Mommy, swing me high up in the clouds!"

Joshua enjoys learning and figuring things out on his own...
Joshua: "My feet cold on the ground."
Me: "Do you want to put your shoes on?"
Joshua: "No..."

Joshua: "This a cold house. My legs cold."
Me: "Do you want to wear some pants?"
Joshua: "No..."

Eric holding and talking to baby bear...
Eric: "Are you and Joshua going to be partners in crime?"
Jackson: Smile :)

Driving in the car...
Joshua: "When Jenni die she go to heaven!"
Never too young to learn about Jesus!

Lately my sweet boy has been complementing me and Jenni randomly throughout the day. He learned from his sweet daddy...
Joshua: "Hey! You pretty!" :)

Joshua: "You beauty, Jenni!"

Jenni was holding Jackson when he smiled at her...
Jenni: "Do you think he's falling in love with me?" :)
Yes, yes and yes.

My sweet sweet girl...
Jenni: "You're the best teacher I could ever have in my entire life." :)

Bed time...
Me: "I'll love you forever."
Joshua: "Forever and ever?"
Me: "Forever and ever."
Joshua: "Forever and ever and ever?" :)

Ever since we've been decorating for Christmas...
Jenni: "Let's deck the holidays!"
I won't correct that sweetness.

Joshua: "Jackson my best brother!"

At nap time...
Jenni: "Mom, I was thinking about it and you know, I just want to be a big girl. So I'm going to cancel my nap for today." :)

I love Jenni...
Jenni: "I'm sadder than an elephant!"

An Update on Jenni
Jenni has been saving her money for quite some time. She wanted a new Barbie but I told her she would either need to wait until Christmas or use her money to buy one. She opted to use her money now and bought a swimsuit Barbie and a pool with accessories. Her first solo purchase and she was quite proud! She also chose to donate to the Red Cross disaster fund at the same time which was a sweet choice, too. Jenni is loving being a big sister to two sweet little boys and is such a precious girl. Jenni and I have enjoyed our "girls nights" at home while Eric has been traveling and the boys are sleeping. She has grown up overnight.

An Update on Joshua
Joshua is finally back to sleeping in his big bed. Praise the Lord! Little man literally begged and pleaded to sleep in his pack n play for naps and bed. I have no idea why he loved that thing so much, but we are so proud of him being back in his bed happily. Joshua also decided to stop being so mischievous this month and replaced that with pure sweetness. Joshua enjoys playing with Jenni and attacking her with hugs. He makes sure to be gentle with her and Jackson (for now), but he sure does love playing rough with Eric. Joshua is loving being a big brother and really wants to share a room with Jackson. Oh, the adventures they will have one day!

An Update on Jackson
Jackson continues to be the adorably precious, squishy, smiley baby that he is. Jenni and I love getting him to smile or catching him smiling on his own. Jenni loves singing songs to him and Joshua sings him Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in his sweet two year old voice. Joshua loves listening to his cooing and thinks that anytime Jackson touches him, he is trying to tickle him. :) He also loves anytime Jackson coos because he thinks Jackson is starting to talk and gets so excited. Joshua also calls his brother "huge baby!" because our baby boy has gotten so long. I haven't noted it yet, but from day one Jackson has loved baths and he continues loving them to this day. He is quite precious in a bubbly bath.

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