Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jackson James - 2 Months

Mr. Jackson James is two months old today! We think our precious babe has a sweet little face, soft little toes, and kissable cheeks. Jackson is growing so fast. At five weeks he began wearing 3-6 month clothes because of his length. Baby bear stays awake a lot of the day. He either enjoys all the action with two older siblings or he just likes to be cradled in my arms all day. :) Jackson continues to nurse every two hours and prefers to be in my arms or right next to me in his adjustable baby sling. He is quite the snuggle bug and I do love it. Jackson is getting stronger and enjoys holding his head up looking around. He also responds to our smiles with a sweet smile of his own. He is such a smiley baby! He enjoys cooing and giggling during the day time and night time. He absolutely adores Jenni and many times responds to her voice with a little giggle or grin. It is quite sweet. Joshua either calls Jackson by his name or "nice baby" or "buddy." Joshua likes to keep an eye on his baby brother and makes sure he knows which room in the house Jackson is currently in and if he is asleep or awake. We all adore our babe!

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