Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jackson James - 4 months

 Our sweet babe is now four months old. He loves chewing on his fingers and hands. He loves each person in our family - and enjoys spending time with each of us differently. He is so squishy and cuddly. Sweet Jackson can roll over on the floor either way and whenever he is on the floor, he is on his tummy. Jenni calls him "Roly Poly" whenever he is rolling around. (Both littles love him being on the floor so they can play right next to him.) He is quick to smile and always prefers to have someone in the same room as him. He prefers being awake to being asleep and takes what we like to call "nap strikes" (refusing to nap) during the day. We have a lot of fun at home, so I can't blame him for wanting to join. :) He sits cutely in his Bumbo and still enjoys his play mat and jumperoo. Jackson is wearing 9 month clothes for length, continues to nurse every two hours day and night, and has the sweetest little face that we like to gobble up with kisses.

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