Monday, January 14, 2013

Joshua Gabriel turns THREE!

Our sweet boy is THREE!

Oh, how we love our boy. I asked Eric how he would describe Joshua in one word. His response? Awesome. I couldn't agree more. We are in love with our little man. He is so sweet and loving and thoughtful and overall awesome. We love his personality (or personalities). He is so strong willed and determined and expressive. He loves his family. He thinks each of us are his best friends "in the whole world." He thinks the world of Jenni and looks up to her and learns oh so many things from her. So many things that when Eric asked Joshua who his teacher was, Joshua innocently said "Jenni." Sweet. Joshie loves to show his love with hugs and kisses and kind words. He is very complimentary and tells me and Jenni that we are pretty and tells Eric and Jackson that they are handsome. He loves to express his gratitude and is quick to say thank you and elaborate. He is currently going back and forth between wanting to be a baby boy, like Jackson or being a little man, like a "medium-sized Eric." Joshua thinks he is extremely strong and likes to help out with tasks around the house, especially ones where he thinks he could use his wooden tool set. Joshua enjoys going to church to learn more about God and Jesus and has a great recall of what he has learned. He loves BSF and asks to go to bible study almost every day and he loves his "Jesus stories" from the Bible. Joshua loves milk, loves riding his scooter, loves his bunk beds, and loves his family. And we love love love him!

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