Monday, August 25, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014

THEME: Camping
FOOD: Hamburgers, hot dogs, s'mores
FUN: Grocery shopping with six kids, a "Cousin Fort", board games
GOAL: To have fun! :)


THEME: Tie-dye
FOOD: Pizza night and rainbow cupcakes
FUN: Celebrating cousin birthdays, balloons, backyard water fun, sensory tub
GOAL: To have fun! :)
 Sisters staying up late making shirts and a sensory tub for our little loves!

 Jenni, Joshua, Jackson, and Gavin enjoyed running in circles in the house being dinosaurs, or monsters, or anything loud and scary. :)

 Gav brought his balance bike which was a huge hit with the kids.

 Andrea and Jenni went to run an errand and came home with treats for everyone!
Sweet G liked to wear his stickers. :)
 Outdoor fun with the littles ones
 Water balloon fight in the pool!

 The babes having fun in the shade :)
  Our rainbow gelatin sensory tub - my favorite sensory tub yet!


Aunt Andrea brought CONFETTI EGGS!!

 I believe Jenni smashed all of her confetti eggs on the top of Jackson's head. Sibling love at its finest.

 The four older cousins inspecting baby bunnies!
 Cousin shirts! A favorite of all.



When Andrea and I were kids, our Great Aunt had birthday cakes at summer family reunions to celebrate birthdays. LOVING this idea, we did a big cousin celebration complete with cupcakes, balloons, and lit candles. We even sang Happy Birthday six different times which was super special to each little. :)
FUN: Local Diner for breakfast, feeding the ducks, playing at the park
GOAL: To have fun! :)

GOAL: To get a good picture of all the grandkids for Grandpa and Grandma :)
 Captain America!
 Hulk hands!

 Six kids. Five under five. We tried our best. :)
 Getting a picture with two boys is hard enough. :)

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