Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Fun

Jenni completed the "Read to Succeed" program in the spring and earned a free ticket to Six Flags for the summer! She had been talking about her special trip for months and was so looking forward to the one-on-one time she was going to have at the park.

 Even though Six Flags closed early due to a rain storm they both had a blast! Lots of rides, some cotton candy, and a super hero cape to bring home for Joshua! :)
While two of our favorite people were away, the boys and babe and I went on a lunch date..
 And since Jackson doesn't really talk, and Juliette sleeps a lot, it was mostly a Joshua and Mommy date - and that makes a little guy's heart happy. :)
 Sweet Jackson James
 A Monster Cookie is the perfect dessert to share with two little boys :)
Later that evening we all went to a birthday party where Jackson James stayed put in the basketball bounce house. Hilarious.

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