Thursday, August 14, 2014

Evening Walks

 Now that it's cooling down, the littles and I take an evening walk after dinner.
 Jenni likes making stops here and there to capture the moment. She calls them "our memories". :)
 We play music and little Jacks dances and moves his hands to his favorite songs. We all get a kick out of it. Juliette usually sleeps soundly on her side of the stroller. When Jackson isn't moving to the songs, he leans around to Juliette's side of the stroller and holds her foot. It's sweet.
 We always enjoy watching the sun set.

We use an app to track our time, distance, and map of our route. Each evening Jenni and Joshua set some sort of goal - either by time, distance, or walking to a certain point (the rocks). Our longest walk this week was 3.4 miles. Always a fun time. :)

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