Saturday, August 30, 2014

OU Football

 Sweet Juliette being a precious baby Sooner fan. :)
 Family + Football is always a win.
 Warming-up before the game
 My view of little Juliette in our baby sling. Thankfully she stayed shaded from the sun in it until sunset.


 Jackson's method of eating popcorn. He makes me smile.
 Trying to peek over to see the half-time action. :)

 Joshua, my love. He was dripping in sweat before the game even started so he took off his polo. He was probably the most thankful of all of us when the sun went down.

What a fun, fun day!! Eric and I went to our first football game together eight years ago and here we are taking our four children!! Craziness. Jenni loved being back in Norman because she considers Norman her home. She also enjoyed telling Joshua and Jackson about the football games she had been to before either of them were born. :) Joshua decided that he wants to be an OU football player, but only if Jackson plays, too. :) And Jackson enjoyed watching the game, eating snacks, and babbling to anyone who would talk to him. :) At the end of the night Jenni told me that she had prayed earlier in the day for a smooth trip, good parking spot, and fun day at the game and how she was thankful God answered her prayers. Amen.

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