Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CC Week 1

What a wonderful start we have had to Classical Conversations! Both Jenni and Joshua had a great time in their Foundations classes. Jackson had so much fun in his room that he didn't want to leave it to join the rest of us. :) Both Jenni and Joshua did great presenting in front of their classes. Jenni brought one of her basketball trophies for show and tell and Joshua brought his favorite book, Eric's Boy Scout book from his childhood. We have all enjoyed working on our memory work throughout the week!

History Topic: Columbus
Christopher Columbus by Susan Birin Aller
Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World by Peter Chrisp
Explorers of the New World: Discover the Golden Age of Exploration by Carla Mooney
Explorers of North America (True Books: American History)
My Name is Pocahontas by William Accorsi
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus by David A. Adler
The Story of Christopher Columbus (DK Reader Level 2)
Where Do You Think You're Going Christopher Columbus? by Jean Fritz
Who Really Discovered America? by Avery Hart

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