Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend Fun

 Joshua Gabriel, my little love.
 We had Jackson's 2 year doctor appointment. Joshua LOVES the doctor's office. Our pediatrician finds Joshua humorous and always asks Joshua if he has any questions for him during our appointment. Joshua has a list of questions for him each and every time. He's quite interested in doctors, specifically pediatricians, his schooling, and other random questions he thinks up. The pediatrician answers them all. :)
 We love the library. With so many libraries surrounding us we do a "library hop" since each one offers different things. Jenni and Joshua really enjoy the computers.
 And library trips are always easier when both littles are sleeping. It's only happened once. :)
  Precious Juliette joined me and Jenni on a girls breakfast date before...  
 Jenni's audition for the Nutcracker!!!
 She was so excited for try-outs!

Later that night we went to church, had an awesome service, and then went outside for pizza, snow cones, and fireworks! :)

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