Friday, September 19, 2014

Juliette Grace - 3 Months

Juliette, Juliette. Such a sweet, sweet, precious baby. We are so thankful for her. There's nothing quite like having a precious baby to hold. Juliette is smiling more and more. Jenni and Joshua are positive that they can tickle her to make her smile. Jackson enjoys giving her kisses and a pacifier or blanket. Juliette has started making sweet baby noises, still enjoys her swing, and has started kicking in her kick 'n' play. This month she has come so, so far regarding her nerve injury. She is now able to move her arm in all motions which we are extremely thankful for. She is also now able to put weight on her arm and shoulder (pictured above). We are working toward gaining strength in her shoulder through physical therapy. So much great progress that we are thankful for.

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