Monday, September 1, 2014

Jackson James turns TWO!

 Seeing as how our family has watched Monsters Inc. and Monsters University approximately 7,000 times, it only made sense to have a Monsters themed birthday for Jackson James. :)

 The best part of his day? The balloons. :)

 The lit candle and/or the icing really saddened him. I took the icing off for him to eat his cake and things started to look up again. :)
 Jenni and Joshua's birthday banners for our little love :)

Oh, how we love Jackson James. Such a fun little guy. He makes all of us laugh. He enjoys all things sports, like watching football, playing basketball, and carries around a soccer ball. He loves joking around, being silly, roars like a monster, is very mischievous and also very independent. He is an awesome sleeper and a great eater. He loves playing with Jenni, sword fights with Joshua, and holding Juliette for five seconds at a time. We are so very thankful he is part of our family!

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