Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Family Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve

 On Christmas Eve we went to our Christmas service at Church, had a special dinner, and then had a family night. Eric made a palet for him and the littles to sleep on after falling asleep watching a movie. Jackson and I stayed up to prep for our Christmas morning brunch!

Christmas Morning
 We made delicious homemade cinnamon rolls with raisins and pecans along with our Christmas morning brunch.
 Early morning Christmas smiles!
 Jenni telling (and showing) Jackson to look at the camera :)

 Jackson was about as excited as any three-month old would be :)

 Taking a mid-morning nap after all the excitement :)
 Enjoying Christmas-day snow!
 We love his sweet smiles!

Christmas Evening

 The littles had fun making snow angels. Joshua would only refer to them as "snow animals." :)

 Baby J stayed warm and cozy inside while the rest of the fam played outside.
  Riding his new scooter! It was too cold outside so they got to ride them inside. :)
After our Christmas-day fun we played in the snow, took a drive looking at Christmas lights and drank hot chocolate, and then we had our evening Christmas party at home. The best Christmas yet!

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