Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve & My Birthday Celebration

 J getting ready to celebrate with her best friend!

We had a New Year's Eve dinner party at our house with our neighbors. They were super sweet and brought birthday cupcakes! :) We enjoyed Mexican food and ringing in the new year together.

Continuing one of the best traditions ever, the fam got me a cookie cake. Thoughtful and delicious! Eric picked the cookie cake up the evening before my sister's family visited so my sis got to enjoy my favorite birthday tradition with me! :)

Favorite littles!
Birthdays are so much fun they should be celebrated over several days (if not the entire month :) )! So that's what we did! :) I had the best birthday yet. In large part because Eric took several days off work so we have had lots of family time. Also, birthdays are so much more fun when I have littles who tell me and sing to me Happy Birthday dozens of times, over and over, all throughout the day! :) And finally, my sweet baby boy, Jackson helped me celebrate the day(s) and he has been a joyous addition to our fam!

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