Sunday, December 9, 2012

The ABCs of Christmas: Letter Ee

E is for Elves
Oh my goodness Jenni and I had so much fun with this activity. How much fun is it buying gifts for someone, leaving it on their doorstep and running away? So much fun we wanted to do it twenty more times...

Jenni and I started the "You've been jingled..." for our neighborhood. It's very similar to the Halloween "You've been BOOed." We pretended to be Santa's little elves and had fun selecting the gifts and choosing the two neighbors to "jingle." Jenni had the best time leaving the gift basket at the step and ringing the doorbell and running. :)

 Gift #1
 Gift #2
Sweet J ready to deliver the gifts
The jingle that explains what has happened and what you can do next
The picture you color and leave by your front door so your neighbors know that you've "been jingled" and to gift a different house

If you're interested in starting this fun tradition in your neighborhood, you can click here for the jingle and the printout.

Coloring Page
Jenni and I worked on this coloring together. If you look closely, Jenni colored the elf's pants on the right with some brown, explaining the elf has been working so hard that his pants got a little dirt on them. :)

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