Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Big Family Christmas

 Pops and sweet little G!
 Joshie enjoying some Cheetos :)
 Since Aunt Andrea is SO much fun, she created a Cheetos game. It went something like this..she asked a question and if a little one answered it "right" they earned a cheeto. :)
Question 1: Andrea: "Jenni, who do you like more? Me or Uncle David?"
Answer 1: Jenni: "Both the same!"
Sweet pic of Joshua and Papa John.
Or "Papa Yawn" since Joshua cannot pronounce J. :)

Everyone having fun!

Baking Cookies
 Sweet G waiting to bake cookies
 My little man patiently waiting :)
 Joshua would prefer to skip the baking and eat the dough :)

Car Time

 Jenni J making the tricycle a bit more reckless :)

 Sweet girl in a group of boys

 Gav and I are great pals.

 I love my girl!
Joshua helping his little pal out. So fun watching these boys grow up together!

Late Night Gift Exchange
 Jenni opening a present from Andrea

 Andrea made a Daisy Girl Scout's vest for her little Build-a-Bear bunny to match Jenni's Daisy vest. So thoughtful and cute! And she also made the bunny and J matching Daisy bows. :)

 Gav enjoyed the tissue paper

I didn't see Joshua after opening some gifts and found him sneaking out of the kitchen...with a cookie. :)

Monster PJ's and Dinosaur Feet!
 Sweet little monster sitting so nicely :)
 We got G matching PJ's with Joshua so they could look extra cute together. So precious. They had fun RARing together.

 Joshua started "blocking" people in hallways and stairs and asks them for the password to get through. Password = apples. :)

Jenni enjoyed playing all sorts of games with E.

Our Early-Christmas Morning

 Stockings for little ones

 Baby J enjoyed taking everything in :)

 Gavin enjoys making music! He's a sweet little tot.
 Joshua LOVES his Cars backpack :)

A very merry Christmas!

 Joshua saw Gavin touching Jackson's toes so he pulled Jackson's car seat away from Gavin trying to protect his little brother. G was being gentle to Jackson but it was sweet to see Joshua being protective.

Such a cute little man.

Christmas Cookies 

 Pretty and tasty!

 Jenni and Joshua being silly and "pulling" each other down the slide

Spinach Dip
 Andrea, my mom, and I were eating spinach dip. G baby was eating crackers. Andrea gave him a cracker with a little bit of dip on it. Gavin wanted more. :)
 He sure did love it!
A tummy full of spinach :)

 Joshua ready for the Christmas church service

 The littles being cute together!

The four grandlittles! And Gavin holding Jackson so sweetly!

Joshie fell to the ground so I thought it would be an appropriate time for his little brother to sit on him. :)

 Love this picture!
A great ending to our big family Christmas!

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