Monday, April 28, 2014

Building a Playhouse

 While shopping at Costco the littles and I bought the Georgian Manor Cedar Playhouse kit. Walking out of the store I told the kids, "This will be a fun afternoon project." They fully agreed. We arrived home and had to unload the giant box from our van. Being super pregnant, there was no way I could manage to get it out of the car. So we opened up the box and took the pieces in one by one. :)
 After reading through the instruction manual it suggested to sort all the pieces into their correct steps. So with the help of Jenni and Joshua we sorted and numbered the pieces.
After working for twenty hours on the playhouse, I texted my sister this picture with the message "HAHA". One adult with two little helpers takes a little bit longer than two adults. But that's okay because we have the time and are having tons of fun along the way. Joshua helps carry the wood from inside the house to the backyard for each step. He also enjoys drilling the pieces together, reminding me to take it slow so we don't split the wood. :) Jenni is a super big helper holding the instruction manual and the correct packet of screws for each step. She is also the helper when we need more than one set of hands. Fun times.
 Progress so far!
 I thought it would be super cute to add a welcome mat. The littles agreed! And they decided together to name their playhouse "The Friendship Clubhouse - where all friends are welcome!" :)

We are now twenty two hours into the project. I'm not sure if the instructions saying 6-10 hours were misleading or if I am just a bit slower than most putting together a playhouse. Either way, slow and steady progress is still progress. :)

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