Friday, April 4, 2014

Updates on Littles: Jackson

Jackson James. What would we do without our sweet babe? Oh, how he melts our hearts on a daily basis. Plus he loves to give us kisses!
He enjoys playing with Jenni and Joshua and rarely wants to be alone. His favorite toys are balls and tools.
He often will carry a soccer ball in one hand and a wooden hammer in the other. Jackson loves his blankets and his pacifier. He has started talking but still prefers to babble. He loves Jenni and Joshua's ridiculous stories and will just laugh and laugh at them - especially Joshua's facial expressions. I will find Joshua making some kind of scary or unpleasant face at Jackson and I'll ask him to stop and Joshua usually responds with, "Don't worry, Mom. He loves this face." :)
He is my first babe to only eat three meals a day with no snacks in between which makes my life in the kitchen that much easier.
He enjoys the great outdoors and does not mind getting dirty. After playing in the backyard he often has mud caked over his face and hands without a care.
I frequently pick Jackson up by saying, "How much do we love this baby!" And Jenni or Joshua will say, "We really love this baby!" He makes our life so very enjoyable.

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