Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Updates on Littles: Jenni

Sweet Jenni J. The sweetest person I've ever known. She is so caring to all.
She leaves notes all over the house which are so encouraging and always make my heart smile. She is the best helper and remembers all the little things in life.
She is a planner by nature and somehow manages to keep several countdowns going (days until Eric returns home from a trip, days until Joshua's next soccer event, days until baby sister is born, etc.)
She prefers to always have her hair down, wearing a dress, with sparkly shoes on her feet.
Jenni cannot wait for her baby sister to be born. She is looking forward to girl time, holding and cuddling her sister, and eventually playing dolls and sharing a room.
Jenni loves opening her Bible to practice reading the name of the book, chapter, and verse she comes to.
She loves talking about God and Jesus and all the Bible stories she has learned over the years. She enjoys retelling stories of her brothers as babies since they can't remember them themselves.
She spends her free time coloring and making cards for our family.
I often times hope she has a little girl just like herself so she can enjoy such sweetness in her adult life.
How blessed we are to have her in our life!

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