Friday, April 25, 2014

The Day!

 While Eric, Jackson and I went to Eric's grandfather's funeral, Jenni and Joshua spent the day with Grandpa John while Grandma Linda was working at her office.
 Jenni woke up with a fever so Grandpa took her and Joshua to Walgreens. There they picked up Jenni's medicine, some Gatorade, and a little toy camera for Joshua that shot water out when he snapped a picture.
 Then they drove back to Grandpa and Grandma's house.
 Then, Jenni sat on the sofa watching Frozen and ate popcorn with Grandpa and Joshua. :)
 Then Grandpa John prepared a picnic lunch in the kitchen for them to take to the park to eat.
 Jenni's playground illustration, complete with a merry-go-round.
The kids had been asking for a picnic at the park for a while so it was extra special that Grandpa John took them on their first picnic this spring.
 Then they stopped at Starbucks so Grandpa could get some coffee. Any person taking care of little people needs some caffeine. :)
 Then Grandpa John took the kids to Toys 'R' Us!! Joshua picked out a Jake and the Never Land Pirates game. Jenni chose a flying fairy.
 Then they stopped for an ice cream treat! Grandpa even let them get their ice cream in a cone. :)
 Jenni chose a cappuccino chocolate flavor.
 Joshua chose a blue birthday cake flavor.
 Then they headed back home! :)
Jenni had the idea to illustrate the day she and Joshua spent with Grandpa John. Oh, the fun they had!!

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