Thursday, April 3, 2014

Updates on Littles: Joshua

My sweet loving boy. He has such a fun spirit. I hope I always remember his precious, little four year old voice. Joshua loves to talk. He talks all day long and has no hesitation striking up a conversation with someone new. He prefers to call it "chatting." :)
He prays daily for God and Jesus to have a good day which always makes me smile. He also prays that his baby sister is growing and happy.
He can easily play alone but often times will come back to being with Jenni and me asking for some more "Mommy time" or "Jenni time." If I'm working on something he will ask to sit right next to me and watch me.
He loves his bunk beds - only to play on because he never sleeps in them - he always sleeps with Jenni. He loves playing make believe with Jenni as if they are on an airplane, boat, jungle safari, etc. going on imaginative trips. He enjoys making "inventions" using Legos. And he always asks if his "inventions" are "cool" or "really cool."
He is so stinking excited about having a baby sister and talks frequently of how cute or adorable she will be. Every doctor's appointment he thinks we will be taking his baby sister home. :) I ask him to say her name throughout the day just so I can hear his cute pronunciation of it.
I will text Eric throughout the day with different Joshua stories - things he says or does - and we will agree that he is just about the sweetest thing ever.
We are loving him being four.

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