Sunday, October 19, 2014

Juliette Grace - 4 Months

Juliette Grace, the sweetest baby in the world! Oh, how we adore her. She really is the most precious babe. Jenni and I take such delight in her. She is a calm little girl and is babbling more and more. This month she has started holding small toys in her hands. She enjoys cuddling with her blanket and chews on it, too. She is always happy when Jenni is in eye sight of her. When Joshua is with her, he likes to be right in her face, and she giggles at his silly faces. Jackson prefers that she always has a pacifier and blanket next to her so he is quick to find those, and his favorite "game" to play with little Juliette is for me to hold her and "sit" her on top of his head. He giggles and giggles.

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