Thursday, October 2, 2014

Catching Up

 Grocery shopping at Costco has got to be one of our favorite things to do. The littles and I have always enjoyed it. Joshua and Jenni like to hop on the cart for a ride, and with the extra large carts they both can fit without it tipping over. Jacks is always buckled in the front and I carry Juliette in a baby sling. Jackson continuously asks to hold Juliette for half a second, wants to give her a kiss, or he lays his hand on the top of her head and practices being gentle. :)
 We love this boy. Especially tickling him.
 Joshua Gabriel. He just gets sweeter and sweeter.
 Brother hugs.
 The littles play outside while I stain our fence. Jenni and Joshua like to empty out the toy chest and talk about all their "memories" with each item. It is half ridiculous and half wonderful.
 Juliette started sucking her thumb. I kind of love it. Joshua really loves it. He enjoys finding things in common with Juliette and hopes that since she sucks her thumb like he did when he was a babe, that she'll also like peanut butter like he does. :)
Jenni has two Nutcracker rehearsals Friday evenings. So the boys and I try to remember to bring a few things to play with to pass the time.
Getting fall flowers, in a super hero shirt with a cape, wearing flip flops and soccer shin guards. The perfect combo for a four-year-old.
 She's quite a serious babe. A calm, serious, sweet, precious babe.
 I've heard plenty of stories of children being climbers and now I get to experience it with my little Jackson James. :)
 Jenni continues to fill her time with artwork and notes to loved ones. She's very careful to not leave any one out.
 Joshua without a care in the world. :)
 He adores our little babe. He wants to have lots of sisters and name them all Juliette. He likes to get as close as he can to her and make silly faces to see if she smiles. He always gets so excited when she actually does smile.
 I am so thankful for the wonderful sleeper that she is.
Jacks loves to give out hugs. He's either all for it or totally against it. And when he's all for it, Jenni, Joshua, and I try to get as many hugs as we can from him.

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