Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Break

 Fall Break officially started once co-op ended...
 A painting Joshua created of himself and Eric during one of his classes :)
 We started the drive north to visit our big family. Along the way, we stopped to look at a house for sale and met up with Andrea and her boys.
 Joshua hugging Gavin Michael :) We were excited to see him.
 Cousin picture!
 While looking at the house, we turned around and noticed the three boys wrestling! The first (but not last) time to see that happening. :)
 Then my favorite three-year-old accompanied us on the rest of our drive to Grandpa and Grandma's. Gav came with me so Jenni went with Aunt Andrea and had some girl time. Our drive north was loud and wonderful. And every time Gavin asked me a question, he started it with an "Aunt Stephy..." LOVE.
 Juliette Grace with her Great Grandma Mary

 I spy Jackson James :)
The Aquarium

 A great indoor activity on a rainy day :)

 Grandma Linda with sweet Juliette
 The little guys getting Oreos from Grandpa John

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue
 Gavin Michael got to ride with me in our van again! Little cutie pie.
We stopped by Chick-fil-A on our way to the movie theater and I asked Gavin if he wanted some chicken nuggets. He said, "Aunt Stephy, it ok if I just have foo fries?" :)
 Joshua and Gavin playing with the other person's sibling :)

 Baby cousins!
 Lots of rounds of tic-tac-toe with Grandma Mary!
 Somehow Jenni or Joshua were always the winner :)

 Playing in the rain

 Joshua loves Corbin. He's asked me several times if we could keep him. :)

 Lots of artwork was created
And several rounds of a simplified version of Pictionary occurred. :)
 Ending our special family trip with a stop at a delicious bakery!

On our drive back home we stopped in OKC to see Eric while he was working there for the week and we had a family dinner. And during the family dinner Jackson gave out about 300 hugs. :)

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