Thursday, October 30, 2014

CC Week 8

 Sweet girls! Juliette is awake much more of the day so she gets to join us girls for our CC review time. :)
 One of our favorite parts of CC is the geography. We are all learning together! :) 5 more states and capitals to go until we have the United States memorized.
Joshua enjoys working through our dry erase workbooks. He's also into coloring these days (currently rattlesnakes, thunderstorms, and our house). I really enjoy our geography review time together and his little voice.
Going over Cheyenne, Wyoming, he asked, "Do you think most of the people that live there are shy?" And then reviewing Annapolis, Maryland he pronounces it closer to "Apples, Maryland" and wondered if there were "lots of apple orchards in that state" and if "maybe the real Johnny Appleseed lived there." Be still my heart.

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