Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alphabet Fun - Letter Aa

Jenni is 4 years old

We had an awesome time learning about the letter Aa! Here is some of what we did...

Bible Verse:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Alphabet City (by Stephen T. Johnson)
Annie and the Wild Animals (by Jan Brett)
A Apple Pie (by Gennady Spirin)
Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! (by Mo Willems)

Apple Tree

Jenni used watercolor to paint the treetop and trunk of her two apple trees. Once the paint had dried, she used red paint to finger paint apples onto the treetops.

Apple Pattern Strips

I colored the apples on each strip in patterns. Jenni pasted the correct apple which comes next in the pattern. Jenni was so careful gluing the missing apple into the correct spot nice and straight!

Acorn Addition

I made a simple white felt board with felt trees. I used fabric paint to paint acorns and numbers onto brown felt to make math sentences. Jenni had fun with the acorns and numbers and practiced reading math sentences (three plus two equals five).

A is for Alligator
J had fun making a silly alligator. We used green and white card stock and googly eyes to turn the letter A into an Alligator :)

A is for Apple
The apple was made out of red, white, and green card stock and black marker for the seeds. I cut an apple shape out, Jenni tore it in half and then tore the white rectangle along both sides and pasted all together.

Apple Tree Addition
Very similar to Acorn Addition but this time I made red felt circles for apples!

Apple Prints
I sliced an apple in half and Jenni dipped the apple into red paint and printed it onto her paper to make apple prints. 

A is for a trip to Austin to visit Aunt Andrea (and an awesome arrival)!
 A strawberry shake for the drive down!
 Dinner and dessert with Aunt Andrea!
 J helping A with some yard work :)
 My precious cowgirl :)
Who would have thought that a girls trip to visit my sis would end with an early arrival of my sweet nephew! What a precious precious boy he is!

For more of what we learned this week you can click here.

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