Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Awesome August

We have had another busy and enjoyable month!

 Jenni started Pre-Kindergarten on August 1 and is thoroughly enjoying all of our school activities.

 Jenni and I started the month off by having a girls trip to visit my sister and brother-in-law for a couple days. It turned out that Andrea went into labor early so we stayed a few extra days to meet precious Gavin Michael. He is such a sweet and loving baby boy! We cannot wait to spend more time with him!

 Jenni J started the fall semester of ballet this month. Jenni absolutely loves ballet, Joshie loves relaxing during ballet, and I love sewing during ballet. So it's a win for all of us :)

 Getting a closer look at the zebras :)

 The kiddos and the giraffes!

 Jenni was confused because she kept saying hello to the parrots and was thinking that they would say hello back! She said, "I thought you could teach parrots to say some words!" :)
 The kangaroos resting in the shade.

 Our train ride through the zoo.
 My matching boys :)
 We took a trip to the zoo at the end of August. The kids enjoyed seeing all the animals. Jenni liked walking up to the fence and saying to the animals, "Hello ____! Are you having a lovely day with your family?" It was sweet. Joshua enjoyed seeing the animals and kept trying to share his snacks with them. :) Jenni's favorite part of the zoo was our train ride. Joshie's favorite part of the zoo was the penguins. He was crazy about them!




 Soccer started this month. I cannot believe my sweet girl has started another sport! She has been looking forward to the start of soccer for many months and now it is here! We are looking forward to many evenings of soccer practice and weekend afternoon games watching our girl play!

Part of Jenni's lunchtime prayer: "Thank you, Jesus for my Aunt Andrea. Please keep her healthy and keep Baby Gavin healthy. If Aunt Andrea has another baby and it's a girl, please have her name her baby Daisy. Amen." (Throughout Andrea's pregnancy and even after Gavin was born, Jenni has been quite determined to have a cousin named Daisy :)

Jenni: "Mommy, you think I can wear a dress while I play soccer?"
Me: "No. You'll have to wear shorts and a t-shirt."
Jenni: "Then can I at least wear pink?"
Needless to say, we went to the sports store and sure enough Jenni J chose a pink shirt, pink shinguards, pink soccer socks, a pink soccer ball, and black and pink cleats to go with her pink and purple shorts :)
After soccer practice...
Jenni: "Mommy, I don't think I can keep playing soccer."
Me: "Why not?"
Jenni: "I think my soccer ball is going to get dirty. I don't want my soccer ball dirty. When it's on the ground, ants or bugs or dirt may get on it."
Me: "Well we can take your soccer ball home and wash it off after practice."
Jenni: "How are we going to do that?"
Me: "With a washcloth."
Jenni: "Oh, okay then!"
Jenni is a little thinker. And a planner. And quite serious about both...
Jenni: "Mommy, you know I want to have a lot of children when I grow up, right?"
Me: "Yes, I know that."
Jenni: "Do you think thirteen kids are too many for me to handle?"
Me: "I think thirteen kids would be very challenging."
Jenni: "Me too. I think thirteen or fifteen kids might be too much. Do you think I could have five children then?"
These days, Joshua's favorite words are Dada, outside, and Buddy. He sure loves his daddy, he loves to play outside, and he really loves his buddy, Jenni :) Joshua is keeping busy these days by running around, playing monsters, hide-and-go-seek, and trains with Jenni and he enjoys sitting close to Jenni while she does her school work :)

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