Saturday, August 6, 2011

Week 1 of Pre-K

We finished our first week of Pre-K. Our first week consisted of lots of learning, lots of questions (adorable ones) and lots of fun. Our first week back to school was a success!
The first day of Pre-K! I was helping J pick out her outfit that morning and Jenni said she wanted to wear a dress, a fancy dress. I found a red dress and she said, "That's a pretty dress but pink is much fancier!" So we went through her pink dresses and Jenni chose this :)

Bible Verse of the Week: God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. (Genesis 1:31)

We are using Singapore Math. This week our focus was on similar objects, describing objects, matching pairs, matching things that are used together, crossing out the thing that does not belong, sorting and matching. We also focused on number recognition and simple addition during our Alphabet Fun unit.

 We are using the Explode the Code Primer Set A, B, and C and then will go into the Explode the Code series. The exercises are designed to develop visual, auditory, and kinesthetic perception of the letters. Activities include tasks such as visual tracking, matching, tracing, copying, and identifying the letters and their sounds. Special emphasis is given to discriminating between similar objects and letters and to developing the motor control necessary to write legibly. This week in our Code book we reviewed the letter Ff, the sound /f/, and working on writing the letter Ff more legibly.

 We are also continuing to use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for beginning reading.

The Runaway Bunny (Before Five in a Row)
We are continuing to "row" a book a week with Before Five in a Row and once we finish that up we will begin Five in a Row. This week we rowed The Runaway Bunny. We read the story each day, did the supplemental activities in the B4FIAR manual, worked on the lapbook, and had lots of great discussion! The following activities are supplements to the manual and relate to the story.

Art: Rainbow Crayons

 Using muffin tins and muffin cup liners, remove the paper wrapping from old crayons and break them into small pieces.
 Preheat oven to 275 degrees and put in for 15 minutes or until melted. Let cool to harden.
Rainbow Crayons :)

 We talked about the purpose of scarecrows - they are created by farmers in order to keep birds from eating the seeds in the garden.

Bible Time: The Runaway Bunny illustrates the meaning of Jeremiah 31:3 where the Bible declares that God's love is everlasting and that He draws us with unfailing kindness. In Psalm 139, God assures us that no matter where we go He will follow us, just like the mother bunny in the story.

Finishing up the story, we played an If/Then game.

And the rest of our school time consisted of our Alphabet Fun unit learning about the letter Aa!

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