Monday, August 1, 2011

Calendar and Morning Board

We are excited to begin Pre-K this week!
I finished our calendar and morning board for Eric to hang.
 Our Mary Englebreit Calendar
 Our Morning Board
The goal is to have Jenni check the weather daily and add the card to our weekly weather graph. I've also included the season and the day's temperature (inside and outside). Jenni will write the temperature in the blank and then color-in the temperature on the laminated paper.
In the middle is our Godly Character Trait that I LOVE! I printed them off many months ago on 8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock and laminated them for our refrigerator. Jenni and I choose a trait for us to focus on for the week (or longer if necessary). It has been a great visual reminder for Jenni. Because they have worked so well for us, I printed off an extra set and printed them smaller (4 to a page) for our morning board. Each card includes the trait, the definition, and a corresponding Bible verse.
At the top right is our Letter of the Week, Animal of the Week, and State of the Week. The Letter of the Week typically corresponds to our Alphabet Fun study. The cards also include silly exercises for small children to do (Aa - Make circles with your Ankle). I found some wonderful animal flashcards with the picture of the animal and interesting facts for us to learn. I also found a neat United States workbook and map that includes interesting facts about each state. At the bottom right is our simple foam clock for Jenni to begin practice telling time each morning.

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