Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Last month Jenni and I began brainstorming costumes for her and Joshua. One of our ideas was Dora and Boots. After a couple of weeks thinking about being Dora, Jenni told me that she is already Dora any time we are in the car and she pulls out her map to tell me which way to go (a frequent game on car rides). So I asked Jenni J what her next idea was. She wanted to be a princess. The first princess that came to mind was Cinderella and immediately I thought of Prince Charming for Joshua. Jenni was happily on board, and since our little man is 1 1/2 years old, he's automatically on board too :)

Without having a pattern to go by, I spent the next several days drawing patterns using a dress of Jenni's and a button down shirt and pants of Joshua's as guides. We purchased the fabric and trim details and I got to work sewing! Jenni's Cinderella dress came together quite nicely - perfect for twirling! Joshua's Prince Charming costume was a bit more complicated but I love how it turned out! Jenni kept asking if Joshua would dance with her when they both had their costumes on, just like Prince Charming danced with Cinderella :) Jenni loves her sweet, satiny ball gown and Joshua enjoys dressing up with his sister.
Sweet babies. Sweet memories :)

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