Sunday, October 9, 2011

Listen and Name

We are really enjoying Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready by June R. Oberlander. The handbook provides weekly activities to correspond to the developmental patterns of each age group from birth to age five.

This week Jenni did the activity "Listen and Name." The activity involved listening, thinking and responding verbally. This is a good traveling or quiet game that can enrich the child's language development and thinking process.
(Jenni is 4 years, 12 weeks)

-Name something that walks.         "Daddy"
-Name something that sleeps.         "Jenni"
-Name something that swims.        "Jenni"
-Name something that floats.         "rubber fish and toys in the bathtub"
-Name something that stings.         "a honeybee"
-Name something that rolls.           "I roll. Dogs can roll over too."
-Name something that flies.            "flies, butterflies, birds"
-Name something that sails.           " know a long time ago people would sail to a new country on a boat."
-Name something that melts.          "ice cream in summer"
-Name something that hurts.           "my tummy if I'm sick...or getting stung by a bee"
-Name something that cuts.             "scissors"
-Name something that burns.          "the stove...or your skin if you don't use sunscreen"
-Name something that trots.            "turkeys"
-Name something that sticks.          "cotton candy...or glue"
-Name something that digs.             "a shovel...or cranes"
-Name something that opens.          "our garage door"
-Name something that rings.           "daddy's phone or a bell"
-Name something that moves.         "a sea turtle in the ocean"
-Name something that shines.         "stars in the middle of the night"
-Name something that eats.             "Jenni eats food. Puppies eat lots of food."

This activity develops skill in listening and understanding concepts, skill in thinking and associating, language enrichment, and confidence.

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  1. Love this interview idea! Cute keepsake too :)