Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Bean Bags

I first noticed a tutorial for alphabet beanbags many months ago and thought it was a wonderful idea. With our fall party coming up, I wanted to make some beanbags for our beanbag toss game. I made these quick and simple beanbags with my little helper, Jenni. I used scraps of fabrics that were shades of fall colors and ended up making ten beanbags. I cut twenty 5 inch squares, sewed the squares with right sides together, leaving a small opening to turn right side out. I pressed the seams open, turned the fabric right side out, and ironed flat again. Jenni filled the bags with dried pinto beans (3 pounds of beans for 10 beanbags) while I sewed the openings shut. These are so fun! I originally made them for our upcoming beanbag toss game and then thought they would be great for many other purposes - tossing back and forth saying the letters of the alphabet, tossing back and forth counting, making patterns, Joshua matching colors, and for all other kinds of fun. I love the idea on The Crafty Cupboard of painting on letters or numbers too. Endless fun!

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