Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 13 of Pre-K

Bible Verse: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart..." (Mark 12:30)

We are still using our felt leaves and pumpkins to practice numbers 0-20 :)

We also read a few fun math books: 
Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar written by Masaichiro & Mitsumasa Anno
The Greedy Triangle written by Marilyn Burns (J really enjoyed this one)
Pigs will be Pigs: Fun With Math and Money written by Amy Axelrod


 This particular day Jenni wanted to pretend she was a pirate during school time.
I love her imagination :)
This week in THE CODE Jenni reviewed the letter Ll, the sound /l/ and practiced writing the letter Ll. J also reviewed the other letters and sounds and practiced writing.


We are using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and enjoying the process.


We are using Mudpies to Magnets for our science activities. For this activity I cut coffee filters into wide strips and dropped two colors of food coloring onto one end of each of the coffee filter strips. We let the food coloring dry and then placed one coffee filter strip into a jar filled halfway with water. We placed the coffee filter into the water and observed it falling in the water and the two colors slowly mixing to become one color. (Red and yellow food coloring change into orange water, etc.)

The ABC Bunny (Before Five in a Row)
 This week we rowed The ABC Bunny. We read the story each day, did the supplemental activities in the B4FIAR manual, and worked on the lapbook activities found here and here.

Here, Jenni matched the animal to it's name. This was a good activity for J to practice sounding out words.
 Jenni traced the lines from the bunny to the lettuce.
After tracing the lines, Jenni practiced cutting straight lines.
 Jenni thought sorting through the insects/non-insects was hilarious.
Jenni also went through the animal classification cards. She studied the picture, the name of the animal and an interesting fact of each.

Joshua had a relaxing week learning alongside Jenni :)

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