Monday, December 2, 2013

A Doctor's Visit

 This little boy has had a terrible cough. No other symptoms really. But he coughs so hard that he ends up getting sick. Started on Thanksgiving day.
 So I made an early morning appointment and just for fun, decided we should go eat at a donut store before.
 This is the second time in his little life that Jackson has had donuts. He doesn't really eat much because he spends the majority of the time watching customers come in and out of the store.
 But he knows that he is somewhere special!

Doctor: "Who am I checking today?"
Joshua: "Me! That's why I'm sitting up here!"
Doctor: "Why are you here, Joshua?"
Joshua: "That's a silly question. I'm sick!"
Doctor: "What's wrong?"
Joshua: "I cough all the time and throw up a lot. It's okay though, my mom cleans it up if it's not in the toilet. My mom also lets me drink Gatorade. Lots of Gatorade. I even have some in my backpack! My mom said I can't drink it now, but I can in the car."
Doctor: "How did you get sick?"
Joshua: "I don't know!"
Doctor: "Did your sickness just fall out of the sky?"
Joshua: "WHAT! That's silly. That's not even possible."
Doctor: "Well let me check your breathing."
Joshua: "I hope I don't need a shot. My mom said I not getting a shot. Am I getting a shot?"
Doctor: "No shots today!"
Jenni: "I'm all done with my shots. You'll have to get some shots when you're four, Joshua."
Joshua: "WHAT?!"

 This was the most eventful trip to the doctor's. We waited over an hour in the exam room. One child was talking two octaves too high. Another child was coughing and throwing up on the carpet. "It's ok. My mom is good at cleaning it up." As Joshua hands me paper towels. The third child kept having dirty diapers. It smelled so awful the nurse moved us rooms. Life is fun with three littles. You just never know what kind of day it's going to be.

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