Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Trip to Iowa, Part 1

 We stopped for dinner and dessert!
 We made it to our hotel for night one. The twelve hour journey in the car was a success!
Jenni was excited to have some space to move (and dance).
 This sweet boy was happy, happy, happy to run and play before bed.

 We were all clearly excited to see Great Grandma Mary!
 A sleeping baby is a precious baby.
 We arrived! Grandma Mary had some special art and Lego activities for the littles to enjoy!
 Joshua wasted no time getting comfy. He made sure that when we left the hotel that he was wearing his "Grandma's Official Cookie Taster" shirt.
 Excited for some snow and cold weather!

 Ready for some sweet treats at Lagomarcino's!
 Ice cream sundaes with cherries and hot fudge for all! :)


 Jenni reading to Grandma!
 Grandma reading to Jenni!
Jenni was super excited for some girl time with Abigail and Madeline!

 Just practicing his monster roar.

 Uncle Bill came early to shovel the snow and clear the driveway for us!! The littles loved one last visit with him, while sweet Jackson James was scared of his snow suit. Precious.

What a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL trip we had to my grandmother's house! We had a lovely visit with my grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins. We are thankful!!

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