Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Afternoons

 If you notice in our outdoor pictures, the children usually are not wearing any shoes. I rarely wear shoes in our house or outside. I even played basketball as a child wearing socks, but no shoes. Jenni has come to be the same way. I'll even ask her, "Jenni, don't you really think you should wear shoes?" She always responds, "Mom, God created me to be outside." I love that.
 Joshua now feels the same way.

 It's so fun watching her play.
 We started singing, this little boy started dancing. Precious.

 Jackson for the win! Little babe!

 Water gun turned limbo stick turned weapon. Love.
And what I love even more than Joshua being able to turn anything into some kind of sword, is the fact that Jackson just keeps walking by Joshua unalarmed.

We like to ask fun questions in our family. I asked, "Who loves their family?!" Joshua looked at me smiling and said, "You make me feel great, Mom." Melt my heart.

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