Sunday, December 8, 2013

The ABCs of Christmas: Letter H

Hot Chocolate
 "I can hold my cup with one hand like Grandpa!"
 "Fine if me have a cookie with it?"
These sweet little people think hot chocolate is the best treat ever. Toss in some marshmallows and their smiles get even bigger . No one was very hungry tonight so Jenni and Joshua ate cookies and drank hot chocolate for dinner. They thought it was so silly. Hearts happy. Tummies full.

Handprint Trees

 There is nothing cuter than little hands. Nothing at all. I like to do handprint crafts with the kids seasonally so we can look back on their little growing hands. Just precious.

Handprint Painted Trees with Christmas Lights

 This was a fun one too. Any time paint is involved there's bound to be a good time.

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