Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The ABCs of Christmas: Letter C

Christmas Candles

Cookies, Monster Cookies
 Jenni was three for three cracking eggs. It's the little things!

Joshua ate more than a couple cookies...
Joshua: "You make the best homemade cookies I ever tasted."
Joshua: "This really the last one. You thinking I having too much cookies? Yeah, I having too much cookies. I a Cookie Monster!"
After baking a few dozen cookies, we realized we had way too many cookies for our little family so we packaged them up and took some to neighbors. Since it is sleeting/snowing/icing/freezing outside we decided to bundle up and go for a stroll. It was peaceful!

Color Christmas Cards

 We spent part of our day working on a few homemade Christmas cards to send to family.

Christmas Movies
The littles enjoyed a day of crafts and Christmas movies! Interestingly enough, their favorite Christmas movies are the old ones. They love to know that I watched the movies as a small child and even Grandpa John watched the same movies as a child. Cute!

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