Sunday, December 29, 2013

Movie Date

Days before we left for Iowa, Jenni began packing her backpack full of her doll house family dolls, Fancy Nancy books and other favorite little items. She went beyond that and packed some toys for Jackson in her backpack - board books, small toys he could hold in his little hands, etc. Then she assisted Joshua with his backpack. Joshua filled his bag with his favorite books, tiny toy soldiers, six paintbrushes, and an assortment of other little things. And he too included things for Jackson. My heart was full. And then it came time for our roadtrip and the littles assisted Jackson so quickly with a toy or a pacifier or a blanket to distract him from another hour of being in the car. We admired their patience and helpfulness with him and were beyond thankful that they were practicing serving each other in the backseat. So a few days after we returned home, Eric decided to take them out for some special time together and they went to see Frozen!

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