Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jackson's Half Birthday

 This little boy is ONE and a HALF!!
 After his cupcake extravaganza, Jenni and Joshua presented Jackson with his presents - handmade letters, pictures, stickers, etc. :)
 Jenni made a checklist for this special event. Included in the list was "hugs and kisses." :)
 She also made a scavenger hunt and led Jackson to each spot. While he was napping, she hid his favorite toys at each spot for him to collect. Sweet sister. After Jenni's planning and planning for his half birthday, she came to me saying, "Isn't planning for parties exhausting!" I had to remind Jenni J that all Jackson needed was some extra love on his special day. :)
 Scavenger hunt designed by Jenni, age 6 1/2 - little sofa, the kitchen, dining room, stairs, kitchen

 Oh, our sweet precious boy. How we love him!! It has been such a fun year and a half with him! He just gets sweeter and sweeter each day. He loves to snuggle. He really loves his blankets. And his pacifier. He adores his family. He's not afraid of others. He has started running and it's quite fun to watch. He loves balloons. He's a great sleeper and a wonderful napper. He's very much go-with-the-flow which is helpful. He spends most of his days walking around, sometimes in circles, usually in search of a sibling to play with. He has become a great listener and follows directions well. He enjoys Legos - the larger Duplos kind, Joshua's drum set, tool sets - especially hammers, and balls - he carries them everywhere. Oh, how we are so very thankful for his precious life!

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