Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun on the River Walk

The Alamo

 Eric told the kids the Alamo began as a church and then went into more detail about the history of it. I think Joshua may have stopped listening after he heard the word "church" and was really excited to get to go to a church in San Antonio. And as we were walking up he was excited that others had decided to go to church, too. :)
 This little guy was excited!

 Joshua enjoyed going through the different exhibits looking at the battle weapons and uniforms. He asked if he could take some home with him. :)
 Peeking into the well!
 A kind couple gave the littles coins to toss into the well to make a wish. Joshua, in so many words, told the lady that wishes weren't real but prayers were. :)
 Jenni loves the idea of wishing wells and wished for a nice breeze. :)
I think we had a nice time at the Alamo. :) I know the boys really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it enough, and sweet Jenni did her best to maintain a good attitude since she could not have been less interested. 

The River Walk

 While waiting for our lunch, Joshua did what Joshua does - entertain his little brother. This trip Joshua was trying to perfect his gorilla face. :)

 Any time Jackson raises his hands in excitement, Joshua yells out, "Jackson's praising God!" I love it.
 More gorilla faces for Jackson

 Sweet Jenni made sure we sat next to each other at lunch so we could have some girl time. :)

 I love.

Ice Cream Shop

River Tour

Snow Cone Stand
 After Jackson got a hair cut we stopped by a sweet lady's snow cone stand!
 The littles loved sharing with Jackson. They both really enjoy feeding him as long as they don't get "baby slobber" on them. :)

We always have the best time visiting San Antonio!

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