Saturday, March 1, 2014

The End of Basketball Season

 This little guy just sat and watched the game so peacefully. But whenever his eyes caught Jenni, he would stand up as tall as he could in his stroller and start babbling. SO precious.
 Jenni wanted her hair down for the last game. Sweet J.

 Her first basket of the game!
 Look at the coach in the background! He was the other team's coach and what an encourager he was. He was so excited for every made basket of the game, hoping each kiddo would score this season.

 This girl scored three baskets in the first quarter!! She was beaming!!
 Oh, sweet Joshua Gabriel. Always trying to entertain Jackson. :)

 "Mommy, take a picture of me!" :)

 Little baby hands are my favorite.

 This was by far the most fun game of the season. The perfect ending to a great season of basketball for Jenni.
 Pizza party time! Complete with awards and trophies!

 Joshua's hand in the corner waiting to high-five Jenni. :)
 Joshua was super excited to help feed Jackson some chocolate pudding.
Jenni's award - "Itsy Bitsy Shooter Award" :)

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