Saturday, March 22, 2014

Soccer Saturdays

 Joshua: "I gonna be the toughest player out there!"
Me: "You are adorable."
Joshua: "Or you could call me handsome. Jackson's adorable because he's a baby. My baby sister's going to be adorable, too."
 Joshua Gabriel. I do love everything about him. We love watching all his facial expressions while he plays. I don't think he even realizes he's making them but they are wonderful.

 At this point in the game, Eric asked if I could stop taking pictures because Joshua would stop playing to turn to the camera to smile. If my camera wasn't in my hands, Joshua would yell out, "Mom! Can you take a picture of me?!" :)
 Blurry since I was caught off guard - Joshua's first goal!!!!

 Two thumbs up :)

 Jenni and her new friend had fun cheering for their little brothers and then went to play.

Another fun Saturday game. Joshua is loving soccer!! It is so fun to see him enjoy it so much. Just a few minutes after warming up Joshua yelled from the field, "Dad, I'm having so much fun!" :)

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