Friday, March 7, 2014

Team T-REX!!!

Soccer season has begun!! Before we left Joshua said, "I wish Grandpa was here! Let's take a picture of me and send it to him!" :)

We weren't sure when we would let Joshua play a new sport. Basketball at age three was a disaster so we didn't want to repeat that bad move. But soccer sign up rolled around and Eric thought Joshua was ready and Joshua assured us that he would work hard, run, and not give up. So it was a go. He was super excited picking out and buying his soccer gear and was so excited to tell everyone at our homeschool co-op that he had soccer practice later that day and that his daddy was coming to watch him play. Too too cute. Long story short, Little Man LOVED practice and was totally into the sport. Plus, he somehow managed to talk his coach into giving him and his teammates "points" after they did something correctly. So that was fun. And the team name is T-REX which couldn't be any more perfect for our dinosaur-loving boy.

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